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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Friday November 18, 2016
Bench where churchgoers sit
Little bite
____ the night before Christmas

State between Georgia and Mississippi abbr
Make ___ double 2 wds
Opposite of back
Baseball scoring statistic abbr
Vehicle that could be rented from Mayflower
______ End (retailer that mails out clothing catalogs)
Swimmer who broke the world records in the 400 and 800 meters women’s freestyle in Rio 2 wds
Yea and ___
Partook of a buffet perhaps
____ fail (major blunder in modern slang)
Better Call Saul cable channel
Sajak who hosts Wheel of Fortune
Swimmer who broke the world record for most total Olympic medals in Rio 2 wds
Acne-fighting brand

What chopping onions might make you do
Take part on Election Day
___ Lanka (Asian nation)
Grandpa Simpson
Swimmer who tied the Olympic Record in the 100 meter freestyle in Rio 2 wds
Lawyers who prosecute abbr
Get snoopy
Personal heroes
Ending for moral or rational
Fossil fuel
Actor Wilder who died in August
____ Talks (popular lecture series)
Word that indicates a maiden name

What P indicates on a gearshift
Idris who voiced a buffalo in Zootopia
Hold up a sec
Company that makes Sparkle moisturizing body wash
Home to Rome and Venice
Square of glass in a window
Use a stencil
Policy ____ (government worker who knows a lots of details)
Comedian Samberg
Avenues and roads abbr
1985 Chevy Chase detective comedy
Nine ____ Nails (rock band)
Slightly wet
Stand-up comic Philips
Photographs for short
US Olympic gymnastics team member Raisman
Arab group that was founded in Jerusalem abbr
Like a well-chosen phrase
Former Chinese leader Mao ___-tung
Direction for almost half of this puzzle’s answers
CNN’s ____ Burnett Outfront
Break-____ point
Happy expression
Fill with wonder
______ on a true story
Nigerian-born singer of 1980s pop-jazz hits
Metal that’s affected by magnets
Rework a manuscript
Once _____ a time
Lake near Buffalo New York
Country singer Lovett
Source of ham

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