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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Friday November 25, 2016
Just a hop skip and a ____
Anti-leather group abbr
Furry Alien of 1980s TV

House actor Epps
Kathie ___ Gifford
Taiwanese golfer who was #1 in the LPGA from February 2011 to March 2013 2 wds
Morsel in a horse’s feedbag
Pet in many memes
Rigoletto or Turandot for example
_____ Alert (missing child warning)
Opposite of hire
American golfer who was #1 in the LPGA for five weeks in 2010 2 wds
___ Tuesday (1980s band that sang Voices Carry)
Old habits ___ hard
Place to make a cash withdrawal abbr
Mexican golfer who was #1 in the LPGA from April 2007 to May 2010 2 wds

Trim and tidy
World of Worcraft fan for example
Ancien Mexican empire whos capital was Tenochtitlan
Angry pit bull’s sound
Chase romantically
South Korean Golfer who was #1 in the LPGA from June to October 2015 2 wds
NO PARKING ___ TIME (street sign)
Great Lake fed by the Detroit River
I agree
Don’t pull all your ____ in one basket
Dessert chain that serves Sorbet Fizzes

___ to the World (Christmas carol)
The Slap star Thurman
___ With a Plan (Matt LeBlanc sitcom)
Amounts charged for merchandise
____ control (exterminator’s concern)
Woman who was exiled from Eden
Metal that foil used to be made of
Former vice president known for environmental activism 2 wds
Soothing African plant
King ____ (Shakespeare play)
Greek salad cheese
Small fruit pie
Yards ___ carry (football statistic)
What thespians do
3-D hospital scan abbr
Sports columnist Simmons
Boxing fake-out
Furniture chain with an annual catalog
I’ve just had a brilliant ____
Chicago mayor ____ Emanuel
This Little Piggy digit
Do surface damage to
Five minus four
Formula for a chef
Not-so-gentle giant
It might be wall-to-wall
Clear ____ the cobwebs
Word that can follow end or strike
Hair-holding goops
Constantly remind
Shape of a half-circle
___-tickling (very funny)
Lock opener


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