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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Monday November 21, 2016
Utensils used for frying
Boston-area school that has a rivalry with Caltech abbr
Ticket’s returned portion

American ____ (talent program)
Hawaiian musical instrument for short
Online marketplace for handmade crafts
British actor who stars in the new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2 wds
Singer of the 2000 hit Case of the Ex
Reference book that shows gegraphical locations
A celebrity may have an inflated one
_____ Island (former immigration center)
With 38 Across director of Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them
Supplements stuck between newspaper pages
Rhinestone Cowboy singer Campbell
For shame sound
____ yellow ribbon ? 2 wds
The Importance of Being _______ (Oscar Wilde play)

See 26 across
Rope used by a cowboy
Sponsored messages
Smooth and aerodynamic
Years ____ (back in the day)
Character played by 15-Across in Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them 2 wds
This is the thanks ____? 2 wds
Word that comes between ready and fire
Supermodel and TV host ____ Banks
Sit still for a sculptor
Like toast with nothing on it
Third piece for a three-piece suit

Coconout cream ___
___ Friend (Facebook button)
Approve with a head gesture
____ down (lose weight)
Wall painting
Dwight Eisenhower’s nickname
Senator Cruz of Texas
Fly by the ____ of one’s pants
We’ll chat again soon in textspeak
Annapolis military institution abbr
Casual farewells
Bright-____ and bushy-tailed
What the m stands for in the E=mc2
Livin on the ____ (Aerosmith song)
Lavish ball or fete
____ the hill (past one’s prime)
Many letters to Santa contain them
Hard-to-erase liquid
Red Roof ____ (hotel chain)
Airport landing approximation abbr
TV news correspondent Cosby
____ off (started a golf hole)
Impudent talk
Airport security agency abbr
Fraternal group named after antlered animals
Exercise program with Bikram and Kundalini varieties
Former Van Halen front man Hagar
Sound made by a barber’s scissors
The ____ Movie (2014 animated film)
Female members of a flock
Ending for kitchen or cigar
As seen ____ (ad phrase) 2 wds
Dishonorable man
What fils a tire
It can hide gray hair
Hospital areas for accident victims abbr
Stool pigeon


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