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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Monday November 28, 2016.
Find the total of some numbers
Hip-____ (music genre)
Person who lives near Norwegians Finns and Danes

Group for gun enthusiasts Abbr
Bird in Winnie-the-Pooh books
Actress Catherine who was once a regular on SCTV
Tit for ____ (even change)
Woman in Fifty Shades Darker for short
Southwestern hills with level tops
Actor who directed wrote and appears in Rules Don’t Apply 2 wds
Real estate parcel
Unfair slant
Start of the year Abbr
Broadway musical Mamma ___
Actress and wife of 18-Across who also appears in Rules Don’t Apply 2 wds
Mom and ___

High schooler’s skin problem
American spy group Abbr
Every cloud ___ a silver lining
Reclusive billionaire played by 18-Across in Rules Don’t Apply 2 wds
Many residents of Qatar and Oman
Make a blunder
The Sopranos group
____ badge (Boy Scout’s award)
Country whose capital is Dublin Abbr
Alternative to a CT scan or X-ray Abbr
___ and Cher (I Got You Babe duo)
The Catcher in the ___ (Salinger novel)

___-Man (Paul Rudd movie)
Do a sketch of
Android played by Brent Spiner on Star Trek The Next Generation
Accumulation of stuff in a pack rat’s home
Had possession of
____ left the cake out in the rain … (MacArthur Park lyric)
Shredded ___ (breakfast cereal)
Sunrise direction
__ does it
Thorny flower
Tell a secret
… three men ___ tub 2 wds
Peanut butter ____ jelly
New York football player
Karaoke singer’s need for short
Rustic lodging place
Grow more mature
In need of a drink
____ the Wet Sprocket (alt-rock band)
Crosby Stills & ____
Humble home that’s often made of logs
Move quickly
Have the same opinion
Overacting actors
Cookie with a Birthday Cake variety
Don’t say I didn’t ___ you
Beneficiary after a death
Award for an HBO show
Canker ___ (mouth ulcer)
Sank one’s teeth into


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