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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Monday November 29, 2016

Residue from a cigar
___ de Triomphe (Paris landmark)

Yes in Paris
Reptilian constrictor
Variety show
Chicken drumstick
Getting on in years
He’s ______ nowhere man (Beatles lyric) 2 wds
NBC police drama starring Ray Liotta as Lt. Matt Wozniak 3 wds
___ Luthor (Superman villain)
Rapper with the 2012 album Life is Good
Heartfelt request
____ v.Wade
Academic URL ending
Singer/Actress who also stars in 17-Across 2 wds

Dip down in the middle
Doze on the sofa maybe
____-pedi (salon combo)
Time between morning and night abbr
2000-2015 TV series that spawned three spin-offs
NYPD detective played by 29-across 2 wds
Death notices in newspapers for short
___ need-to-know basis 2 wds
Find fault incessantly
Button that starts things over
Prune as a tree limb
Pool hustler’s stick
____-do-well (good-for-nothing)
___ Moines Iowa
Tree with American and Dutch varieties

Early Internet service provider
Hauls into court
Opposite of low
Humble home
Fancy watch brand with an Oyster line
______ and spices
Stunt performer Knievel
Fest where participants might do the hula
Brazilian soccer great
Tennis champion Nadal
The Good Wife actor Cumming
Do you wan the light ____ off? 2 wds
Night clothes for short
___ & Perrins steak sauce
Where Manchester and Birmingham are abbr
Weight-lifting unit
Federal watchdog overseeing pollution controls abbr
Lion’s ___ (dangerous place)
Gun used by the Israeli army
Overrun as cockroaches can do
Leave out
_____ ego (Other indentity)
Boat that requires paddling
Round metal fasteners
A rhinoceros has one
Float like a butterfly sting like ____ 2 wds
Auctioneer’s cry after Going twice ?
Fool me ____ shame on you ?
Better call ____ (Breaking Bad prequel)

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