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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Saturday November 19, 2016
Honey-making insect
Cloths used for dusting
Iconic clown of early TV

Mail-delivering bird at Hogwarts
____ My Life (Imagine Dragons song) 2 wds
Apple’s tablet computer
___ Willie Winkie (nursery rhyme)
Cost of a cab ride
Former US Attorney General Janet
“Roseaane Roseannadanna portrayer on SNL who wrote the memoir “”It’s always something”” 2 wds”
Fill with delight
Lincoln ____ (classic construction toy)
Most common metal in modern pennies
Falco of Nurse Jackie
Cul-de-___ (dead end)
With 31 Across Debbie Downer portray on SNL who wrote the memoir Girl Walks Into a Bar
See 29 Across

How right you
Office overseer
Assumed ____ (alias)
You ____ handle the truth
Brian Fellow portrayer on SNL who wrote the memoir I Am the New Black 2 wds
Website edited by its users
Go ____ smoke (dissapear) 2 wds
1980s supermodel Carol
Clickable symbol on a computer screen
Opposite of old
Kool & the ____ (R&B band)
Was familiar with
___ much of a good thing

What perfomers do during a curtain call
Female sheep
Grace and refinement
Gun with a long barrel
That’s not ____ idea 2 wds
Former president Ford
A-Rod admitted to using them
Blue jays and cardinals for example
YES WE’RE ____ (sign in a store window)
Actor Billy of Titanic
Litter box problem
Symptom of poison ivy
New ____ (believer in alternative medicine)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them actor Miller
Dishonest person
Founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors 2 wds
Not flowing like an algae-choked pond
Mail-order company used by Wile E. Coyote
Single-named singer of Believe
Online auction site
Actress Kendrick of Pitch Perfect 2
Visit very briefly 2 wds
Sending a duplicate email to abbr
Veep who resigned during Nixon’s second term
Small thin branch
Costa ____ (Central American country)
Smack That rapper
Religious ceremony
Zodiac sign before Virgo
Number that makes up a pair


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