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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Saturday November 26, 2016
Undergarment for a woman
Part of an envelope tha gets licked
Peas come in them

Cat’s coat
Actress Kudrow
Icy precipitation that could dent a car
Late ____ (charge for an overdue library book)
Decide not to include
Veggie used in Cajun cuisine
Author of Brush Back the latest of 17 novels featuring 38-Across 2 wds
___ corners (eliminate some steps)
Vow during a wedding 2 wds
____ for thought
Trudge through the mud
Mermaid’s home
First novel featuring 38-Across 2 wds
Issa ___ star of HBO’s Insecure
Exclamation from a butterfingers
The Time Traveler’s ____ (2009 movie)
In what way?
Just one ___ (I’ll be there momentarily)
Title detective played by Kathleen Turner in a 1991 film 3 wds
Like exams that don?t require paper
Native American trive of the southwest
Brooding music genre
Spare ____ (abdominal flab)
Actor Wilson of Masterminds
Like crunchy carrots
TV award for athletes
Sketch comedy show on NBC since 1975 abbr

Permanent pal in textspeak
Has serious regrest about
Three-digit start of a phone number 2 wds
Decorated vehicle in a parade
Walk with difficulty
Where Laos is
New England’s pro football team
Selfie for example
Tall sturdy trees
____ Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (BBC America series)
Kill like a dragon
Experimental and avant-garde
Douglas ___ (kind of tree)
Snakes ___ Plane 2 wds
Footwear that you might use to get to a ski lodge
Facial feature used for a kiss or a pout
Best-selling chocolate bar in the world
Toymaker in Santa’s workshop
Congressional approval vote
The ____ of Venice (Othello’s title)
Hasn’t yet repaid a debt
_____ Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense actor)
What contestants do during Tribal Council on Survivor
Barry’s love interest on The Flash
Ben like wet humber
Werewolf’s sound
Orangutans for example
Supermodel who was born in Mgoadishu Somalia
Hooting bird


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