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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Sunday November 20, 2016

___ Newtons (fruit-filled cookies)
Helpful recommendation
Store in an overhead compartment for example

Retirement plan that could be SIMPLE or SEP abbr
Body part where wax forms
Reduce to mush in a blender
Former Tonight Show host who used to work at McDonald’s 2 wds
Coming _____ at the seams
Completely unskilled
Diamond or amethyst for example
Lecture delivered in a church
US president who used to work at Baskin-Robbins 2 wds
Let sleeping dogs ___
Computer image type that’s often animated abbr
Tear up as paper

Telenovela actress who used to work at Wendy’s 2 wds
Perfectly peaceful
____-carotene (dietary supplement that occurs naturally in carrots)
Go _____ make my day
Snake with a hood
Ray of Light singer who once worked at Dunkin Donuts
___ Miss (nickname for the University of Mississippi)
This film is not ___ rated
Actor Penn or Connery
British title for a knight
Satisfied one’s appetite

Island birthplace of golfer Vijay Singh
Country whose capital city is Tehran
Got to give it up singer Marvin
Wooble and almost fall
Actor McShane
High school dance where a king and queen are crowned
___-la-la (song sounds)
___ the ramparts we watched
Popular diet said to consist only of foods that were available to cavemen
Athletic group that co-sanctions the Women’s Australian Open abbr
Specifically request 2 wds
It attracts iron nickel and cobalt
Carol actress Rooney ____
Jamaican singer with the #1 hit Cheerleader
Forty winks
Animal on California’s state flag
Tobacco product for short
Legendary guitarist ____ Paul
___ been looking forward to this
King James of the NBA
Actory Ryan _____ who has a recurring role on Bones
Book lover
If you ask me ____ in an online chat
____ Lee (singer with the 2016 album Spirit)
One-named Gaelic singer
Work without ____ (take risks) 2 wds
Friday night dinner and a movie possibly
Recordings that can be ripped abbr
Unrefined metal
Feathery neckwear
Boxer Muhammad played by Will Smith in a 2001 biopic


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