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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Sunday November 27, 2016
Hit a _____ (run into an unexpected problem)
Ancien Egyptian queen for short
Ram’s cry

Roof’s projecting edge
_____ The Herald Angels Sing (Christmas carol)
Core muscles for short
Walk On By singer who married the same man twice 2 wds
Musical about the Perons
Ships’s wind catcher
Fourth of July color
Shark ____ (2004 animated movie)
Places to see lions and tigers and bears
_____ Pet (novelty gift with green fur)
Finish Steam bath
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Actor who married the same woman twice 2 wds
Constellation with a belt
Loan out

Handheld Mexican food
Campground shelter
Person of Interest actor Caviezel
Southeast _____ (region that includes Thailand)
British singer with the albums 19 21 and 25
TV judge who married the same man twice 2 wds
DuVernay who directed the 2016 documentary 13th
_____ and pans
Sad to say ___
Ferrari fuel
Opposite of nah
Green Jedi master

Passover dinner
Keep away from
Gallant guy
Michael ___ of Saturday Night Live
___-abiding chicken
Wipe out like pencil marks
Gumbo vegetable that’s often slimy
Great Recession bank rescue
Start of The Alphabet Song
Can I ____ you a question
Actor Fillion
Harry Potter is one
Put on TV
Deep spoon for serving soup
Yoko ____ ( Sean Lennon’s mom)
___ Fernando Valley
Beachgoer’s bronzed look
Decompose like moldy vegetables
Nest-egg savings option abbr
Loud summertime insects
Roethlisberger of the Steelers
Nevada/California resort lake
Molded wiggly dessert hyph
Homer’s epic about the Trojan war
High-IQ group
Kid’s observation game 2 wds
When the Allied forces hit Normandy hyph
Sporty British car for short
Charlottesville school founded by Thomas Jefferson abbr
Pilot’s landing announcement abbr
Ending for book or boy

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