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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Thursday November 17, 2016
Mom and pop school organization abbr
Designated Survivor network
Hang in _____

Georgie band whose first album was 1983s Murmur
Sickness that’s common in winter
Prizzi’s _____ (1985 Jack Nicholson movie)
Send a brief message online abbr
Organ needed for both hearing and balance
Prefix for state or changeable
Mark Ronson song that was Billboard’s top pop songs of 2015 2 wds
If u ____ Amy (Britney Spears hit)
Group of Cub Scouts
Title that’s fit for a king
NBA penalty caller for short
Sense of hummor

Daniel Powter song that was Billboard’s top pop song of 2006 2 wds
Kesha song that was Biilboard’s top pop song of 2010 2 wds
Actress Thurman
How ____ look? 2 wds
Slangy way to say whatever
Turns down as a light
Independence day Resurgence craft abbr
Strong cravings
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song that was Billboard’s top pop song of 2013 2 wds
Italian-American model known for appearing on romance novel covers
The third month of the year abbr
Bravo sat a Brazilian soccer match
Taking advantage of
Give it ___ (Try it) 2 wds
Diminutive terma that starts many rappers names
Wooden kitchen organizers that hold spices
So near and ____ so far
Wriggky fish used by sushi chefs

Hybrid Toyota model
Arizona State University’s home
Capital of the Netherlands
Just two or three 2 wds
Having hardly any flavor
Time when a teenager needs to be back home
____ Mints (Girl Scout cookie variety)
Sounds from a car horn
Ending for persist or respond
Sturgeon eggs
Do the wrong thing
Gave the thumbs-up to
____ of measure (yard or mile for example)
Owing money 3 wds
2016 Olympics host city for short
Animal in the logo of insurance company the Hartford
Craze that doesn’t last long
Outfielder and ex-quarterback Tebow
Future bloomer
____ missing something? 2 wds
How I Met ____ Mother
The voice judge Alicia
____ be sold 3 wds
Reek to high heaven
Coming-_____ story hyph
Recite the letters in a word
Selfishly keeps all to oneself
Leisurely pace for a horse
Wolf or fox’s covering
Solid ____ rock 2 wds
Maker of lightsnand razors

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