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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Thursday November 24, 2016

CBS show that originally starred William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger
Hay bundle
Suicide Squad actor Kinnaman

Get ___ to the Greek (2010 Jonah Hill comedy)
Shape of an egg
Verdi opera set in Egypt
Is it a boy ___ girl? 2 wds
Throw a short distance
Join the ____
2016 Zay song that was just the 25th ever to debut atop the Billboard Hot 100
Salmon that’s often put on bagels
Now that’s _____ your head
Top pair in poker
Pro sports league for the Washington Mystics abbr
Pricey fish eggs considered a delicacy

2015 Justin Bieber song that was just the 23rd ever to debut atop the Billboard Hot 100 4 wds
Rowing tool
It’s the dawn of day? 2 wds
Speaks like Daffy Duck
I have a dream speaker’s initials
2014 Taylor Swift song that was just the 22nd ever to debut a top the Billboard Hot 100 3 wds
Lady ____ (pop star with the new album Joanne)
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassi ___ Bouvier
Ice skater’s leap
Ernie’s Sesame Street pal
Bring litigation against
Give the appearance of
Downloadable Windows Phone programs

____ suey
Voice-activated iPhone assistant
Let me hear what you have to says 3 wds
Wringle-removing treatment
Formally declare
____ but not least ?
Frozen queen voiced by Idina Menzel
Tools that cal lift cars
What the Tin Man needen when Dorothy met him
Scientist’s work area
Make up for ____ time
Party where poi might be served
Sounds bout right 3 wds
He replaced Stewart on The Daily Show
Hereditary unit passed on to offspring
Missing from one’s barracks abbr
Spiced tea at Starbucks
Came out on top
Bill ____ the Science Guy
Oliver Queen uses one on Arrow
Fifty-yard ____ (short race)
____ liquor (type of beer)
Biblical song
Oven ______ (hand protectors for bakers)
Swedish band that sang Chiquitita
____ your fingers crossed
Wyatt who fought at the OK Corral
Family ____ (game show)
It’s called petrol in England
Wood chopper
___ whiz


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