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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Tuesday November 15, 2016

Simple bed used by a camper
Performs in a skit
Cold hard money

Month after March abbr
____ off some steam (release nervous energy)
Head or stomach problem
Airport-overseeing government agency abbr
Discipline that requires good balance
____ there done that
Scorpion actor who plays Team Scorpion leader Walter O’Briend 2 wds
Professors helpers abbr
______ Christmas
Top halves of bikinis
Indonesian tourist destination
Roadside assistance group abbr
Scorpion actor who plays agent Cabe Gallo who recruited Team Scorpion 2 wds

Well ____ be darned
Needed to pay a credit card bill
Change for a 5$ bill
Supreme Court Justice Kagan
Big ___ (fast-food burger with special sauce)
What a woodpercker pecks with
____ Lights (2013 Demi Lovato song)
Ending for Sudan or Canton
Gaze at in a creepy manner
Thicken as blood
Covert US group abbr
Valuable material in nuggets and ingots
____ McBeal (former Fox series)
Actress Dennings of 2 Broke Girls

Hard Rock ____ (restaurant chain)
Birthstone for many Libras
Airplane surface that folds out from the seatback 2 wds
Deep dark chasm
Stoppage that a plumber might fix
Roman garment worn over a tunic
____ the deck (use a mop on a boat)
The _____ Guy (1996 Jim Carrey movie)
____ in the hole (secret weapon)
That girl
The Little Red ___ (children’s story)
Lack of challenge
Send forth like heat
Coupon for an out-of-stock item 2 wds
The Tour de France for one
Shaggy Tibetian Beasts
Creamy French cheese
Throw of the dice
Texter’s abbreviation meaning Oh also
Tarzan the ___ Man
Lard ___ Donuts (snack shop on The Simpsons)
Wild animal sound or a Katy Perry song
Take the high ____ (behave honorably)
Completely undressed
Like green mouthwash’s flavor
Early Peruvian
Buy and ____
Something a carpenter uses in general
Continent that includes the Middle East
Hamburger or ham for example
Cranberry marsh
Boastful person’s problem
Every last bit


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