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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Tuesday November 22, 2016
Moves like a dog’s tail
____ vs Evil Dead (Bruce Campbell TV series)
Square servings of butter

Song for Enrico Caruso or Beverly Sills
Aw shucks
State that’s south of Minnesota
Brew served at Moe’s Tavern on The Simpsons 2 wds
Slip-on shoe from Dansko or Crocs
Go onto a stage
Actor Cheadle
Maple or sycamore for example
Zip nada nil
____-bitty (very small
Caffeinated soft drink enjoyed by Bart on The Simpsons
Neither here ___ there
The Price Is Right host drew
Wrigley’s product

Breakfast cereal named for a clown on The Simpsons hyph
Scornful look
Christmas tree topper sometimes
State nicknamed the Heart of Dixie abbr
1977 miniseries that was remade in 2016
Girl from Scotland
Frozen treat sold at the Kwik-E-Mart on The Simpsons
Choral voice below soprano
What the planets are in orbit around
Mah-jongg piece
Knock for a loop
Prefix for classical or conservative
Bright yellow part of an egg

Dwayne ____ of the Chicago Bulls
Make ____ for it (flee) 2 wds
______ first (Be careful)
Number on a birthday card
Catch sight of
Group of cattle
Outdoor meal often eaten on a blanket
You’ve got mail company
Lowest dice roll in Monopoly
Hang loosely
It’s freezing in here
Crazy train vocalist Osbourne
Auction website with a Motors section
Coins used in France and Belgium
Company’s symbol
Board game with weapons and suspects
Meats that may be honey-cured
Tattooist’s fluids
War-____ (damaged by combat)
Passion for life
PC key below shift
Autumn for one
Cold dessert at Wendy’s
Entourage agent ___ Gold
What the second A in AMA stands for abbr
Midwestern state whose governor is John Kasich
____ me about it
Try to locate
Viva ____ Vegas (Elvis song)
___-rock (the Killers music genre for short)
Letters after R
___ pasa? (what’s up)
First positive number in Spanish


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