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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Wednesday November 23, 2016
Supposed supernatural power abbr
Opening that sweat comes out of
Mini-____ (convenience store)

Half of a quartet
Stuck in ____ (bound by routine) 2 wds
American Pastoral director McGregor
Students who are in their final year abbr
Crickets song that was a #5 hit for 32-Across in 1977 3 wds
___ Sematary (Stephen King novel)
Robert of Led Zeppelin
Loafer or oxford for example
Bug that might torment a dog
Halloween cry
You’re No Good singer who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014 2 wds
Madison ___ (New York thoroughfare) abbr

State of mind
Smart ____ (Weight Watchers brand)
King of All (nickname for Howard Stern)
What an ampersand means
Roy Orbison song that was a #3 hit for 32-Across in 1977 2 wds
Brand with Chop House canned dog food
British baby carriage
Group that includes the Wizards and Magic abbr
He fiddled while Rome burned supposedly
Bath powder mineral
Fish resembling a snake
____ a bow (acknowledged applause)
Scandinavian city that hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics
Beats by Dr.___ (audio electronics brand)

Actors Westwick and Asner
____ Cruise (Katie Holme’s daughter)
Deferred to another day
_______ Blue Ribbon (beer brand)
Sandwich cookie that debuted a Thins version in 2015
Crafty ploy
At Last singer _____ James
Florence Foster Jenkins star Streep
Shock and ___ (military strategy)
Was in charge of
Letters on some explosives
Sesame ____ bun
Places to get pampered
Left in the lurch
Lymph ____
Tater ____ (potato products)
Shut forcefully as a door
Honeybee’s home
Puffy hairstyle for short
British bathroom
Attorney ____ Alamuddin who married George Clooney
Skateboarder Hawk
1999-2006 Apple laptop
Car transmission repair chain
____-the-minute (current) hyph
Significant perios in history
You need one to play tennis or golf
Ridesharing app that competes with Lyft
Six-legged invader of a picnic
Emmy and Oscar- winning actress Melissa
Athlete who’s no longer an amateur
Beverage that might be drunk from a stein


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