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Here are the answers to Daily Celebrity Crossword Wednesday November 30, 2016
Type of beer
Tossed like seeds

Fandango.com purchases for short
Eggs used in caviar
The _____ Boys (teen detectives)
Bullfight cry
Lingerie item with sizes like 34C and 38D
August _____ County (2013 Julia Roberts movie)
Singer who came up with It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) in his sleep 2 wds
Comte to a stop
Short vinyl recordings abbr
4840 square yards
Could you do ____ favor? 2 wds
It might intersect a street abbr
Singer who came up with Yesterday in his sleep 2 wds
Major Crimes TV channel

So that’s it
Poker player’s initial payment
___ Direction (Best Song Ever group)
Smiling yellow object in many kindergartners drawings
Singer who came up with Bang the Drum All Day in his sleep 2 wds
Pacific island that gave its name to a Girl Scout cookie
Tiny bit
Kiss guitarist Frehley
Miles _____ (nowhere near each other)
Go ___ (flip one’s lid)
Word that begins many senteces
Brief and to the point
The Beatles And I Love ___
Rolled-up lawn starter

Molecular building block
Actress Taylor of American Crim
Company bigwig for short
Rural’s opposite
Impaled as by a bull
Get well
Did as expected on a golf course 2 wds
Green spot in a desert
Conceal with paper as a birthday present
Microsoft web browser
Hair coloring
Elevated part of some shoes
I ____ bad moon rising (song lyric) 2 wds
Liable to
Pringles container
Dull daily routine
Nickname of late Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch
Rashida’s role on Parks and Recreation
Former soldier for short
Spot on a potato
Require by law
Mother of Chaz Bono
Wy-____ Clan
Bad smells
Severus _____ (professor in the Harry Potter books)
Cow body part that gets milked
What a runner breaks through at the finish line
Doctor Zhivago star Sharif
State whose quarter has a picture of a railroad spike
Darn it
Sound rebound
Stopped standing

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