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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Friday-December 2 2016.
Confuse couple from North over how fast the boats travel – TIEUPINKNOTS
Drop Charlie for hitting Lance – CANCEL

Finds fault with barman forgetting first names – BLAMES
First he’s taken into dive and it’s bound to create a sticky situation – ADHESIVE
For starting 9 across, is not allowed out based on good evidence – WELLGROUNDED
Get emotional in watering hole with heads on unbelievable pints – WELLUP
Give the slip to the Spanish dude needing no introduction – ELUDE
Given out disgracefully by 11 down – it goes over the head of the stupid corner boy (5’1,3) – DUNCESCAP
Goes on strike locally for those looking for hikes – WALKS
Has a reputation for exposing type of philosophy that’s not in favour of cover-up – NUDISM
Has been satisfactorily told source in class contacted journalist – WELLINFORMED
Insect is not her problem – HORNET
It rarely worried academic – LITERARY
Lots of the papers cover first Leinsterman from The Kingdom – REALM
Old Bob Drumm said it was delivered by pig-headed type – STUBBORN
Old writer has only a fair amount for all to see – OPENLY
On the whole, gangster gets halfway to Dublin to meet everyone – ALLINALL

Opens 18 across to skim through something similar to 26 across – WELLREAD
Political exile offering regime change – EMIGRE
Presumably, this can’t be a soulless place for those who arrive late – AFTERLIFE
Rereading novel located in British army barracks – GRENADIER
Saucy type upsets bowler in taking second wicket – TAHINI
Teaches to fish with tall upright pole, the couple at end of pier – SCHOOLMASTER
They might receive the last four characters in 22 across from the Big House in America – CONVICTS
Ties in Ireland with nods to those in The Palace – BOWSDOWN
Type of perfume from area in localised European city – AROMA
When it’s very cold in winter – for one? – BELOWZERO
Working in the High Court – chair is making sure everyone is playing by the rules – UMPIRING


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