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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Friday November 18 2016.
Another course to do in religious education for new student – REFRESHER
Au fait to wear a dress – AWARE
Carmen Lane isn’t in aeroplane – OPERA

Carries on opening 10 across for drink – ACTSUP
Clamour to transform south – SHOUT
Entertain a creative influence – AMUSE
Entrance at the centre of the GPO offers support to one of those swinging types – GATEPOST
Gets to operate perhaps on one of the old Italian moneylenders – MEDICI
Is bound to go off with local fool for pint in Split upset – BOOBYTRAPPED
Is caught in temporary accommodation – prepare for trouble – MOBILISE
It will come as a surprise to John where the body is buried – JACKINTHEBOX
It’s a panic for the stockholders in street to impress writer and engineer – STAMPEDE

It’s a symptom of gals in distress – SIGNAL
Local snack for Old Bob Arnold – SARNIE
Man admits hiding old introductions to William Somerset Maugham to mislead others locally – BLOWSMOKE
Most of the issue is charged and leads to handouts – DISTRIBUTION
Old way to write in institute for first exam – INDITE
Person on stage isn’t finished with loud man upstairs and that’s why there’s no cover charge – ACTOFGOD
Plays music for one session with Irish in Africa – DJIBOUTI
Push one of those in theatre needing no introduction – URGEON
Season on island goes down well with the Italians – PEPPERONI
Silence over small computer program means nothing to old poet – SAPPHO
Sorry about this, as it’s a bit of horseplay for soldiers from Spain – APOLOGISE
Sticking to Bill gutting the fish – ADHERING
Turn a deaf ear to rewritten river ode – OVERRIDE
Violent reactions with local cheeky youths over concert hall near youth centre – PUNCHUPS
Where one finds old music in confidence – OFFTHERECORD
Won’t sink down to the depths with local scoundrel – BADEGG


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