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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Monday November 21 2016.
A lone Independent (2,3’1,3) – ONONESOWN
Amendment includes line from the French opposition – CHALLENGE

Biography series is about arrivals through to departures – LIFECYCLE
Charge a top criminal for being part of the spicy plot – SUMAC
Comes down without Ned to foreign capital – MOSCOW
Complete sentence to start a rally on occasion – SERVETIME
Get it off magnetic tapes for one of those over the moon with his job – SPACEMAN
Hard up boss produced mechanism for keeping women in one place behind The Curtain – PURDAH
In saying that, should offer one a drink – HOSTELRY
It’s a reason for letting someone off the hook – EXCUSE
Lack of confidence in college is not new and is a measure of something else – COLDFEET
Lowers oneself over places in Ring – STOOPS
Made a home out of necessity across the street – NESTED
Medic takes position without single visit – DROPINON
New tune covers single by Free – UNTIE
No Pilsner in petrol station for evening musical display – TATTOO
Offer to half the federation leads to talk – PRESENTATION
One of those sound types at the end of 14 across produced book – VOLUME

One taking notes about drink – REPORTER
Package produced in central Vienna gets Victor to take the honey and run – ENVELOPE
Remove moth from horsemeat – ERASE
Ruffle feathers opening 18 across with pantomime character – PRESSBUTTONS
Sales rep sadly falls off the wagon – RELAPSES
Shapeless broad – LOOSE
Steal from telecasters and keep it to yourself – SECRET
Talent-spotters get credit for those who are prepared, I swear (5’1,6) – SCOUTSHONOUR
The journalist’s article by one of those on his bike will attract attention outside The House – PRESSTHEBELL
What’s left in place of interest on holiday is similar to 23 down – BLANKOUT


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