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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Monday November 28 2016.
Butcher flock from 10 across – MASSACRE
Clip of two gossips in Latin-American movement – CHACHA

Crumbles seed or nuts – ERODES
Dispense the lesson to The House in Ireland – how stylish is that? – TEACHCLASS
Don’t go out for smack – give this order to chauffeur? – BEATHOME
First lady entertains Bill from Austin capital in Texas with advice from one of The Dodgers – EVADETAX
Get hold of the shop’s money – TAKE
Goes around frustrating committee for nothing – FREE
In line for leading part in Dynasty – ELDEST
Is eager to get things done quickly for fashionable academy near Rush – INAHURRY
Journalist covers drab novel – it should be read – HARDBACK
Knocks back a mouthful of drink in Italian city – PISA
Lost out in the auction room – LOTS
Moral lessons corrupting a Serb pal – PARABLES
New delivery of lively English horse – FRESHEGG
Old writer works out of place that it isn’t organised – OPENSHOP
Party game for loud drunk – LUDO
Reach out around George and Bill – CHARGE

Russell retains credit for part of the plot – ACRE
Security are aware of this approach and delivery method for drugs – ACCESSCODE
Spots Pope Innocent the Tenth from second triptych by Bacon – RASHER
Starting from 11 across, vocal runners talk about a number of figures – TEACHMATHS
Strange haul includes revolving globe from old circle in Donnybrook – HULLABALOO
Tests with tries? – HASAGO
Thick Russian flower on far side of Bucharest has value – OBTUSE
Type of butterflies? Take a couple of breaths in the passage! – COMMAS
What is missing from sweatshop company out west? – POSSE
Where one learns how best to handle the course for The Masters in the future – TEACHERSCOLLEGE


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