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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Saturday November 19 2016.
Algerians get away from line managers and workers – MEN
Backing up British politician – the one on his bike – PUMP

Being on holiday has its drawback on the surface? – OUTWARD
Broken-down car from the crescent – ARC
Church service for four engineers from Titanic – MASSIVE
Contemporary of Frenchman with flying drone – MODERN
Core atlas at fingertip for the astronauts? Not so fast! (2,1,5’1,4) – ATASNAILSPACE
Country covered up trade in diamonds – INDIA
End row roughly out of admiration – WONDER
English neighbour capitalises on several cups of tea – SCOT
Final bear free as a wild animal – ZEBRA
Flighty type is swift with Jonathan doing the rounds – SWAN
Gangster admits tipping off many an individual from estate – DOMAIN
Group in charge of big race – CLASSIC
In the space separating back and small nerve tip – BETWEEN
It’s expected of you in Germany – DUE
It’s flatly the classic hangouts for squirrels – OAKS
It’s kind of work in the office – TYPE

Lay your hands on what’s locked up in the state banks – LOCATE
Little warning of a car approaching brief sign – ATSHORTNOTICE
Lydia leaves family doctor with relief from pain – COMFORT
Make amends for scuppering initial free time if it’s convenient (2,3’1,7) – ATONESLEISURE
Messenger’s answer to opening night takes shape – ANGELS
Move gradually a little distance from Wexford – INCH
Nevertheless, it’s a moment to raise both hands for High Noon – ATTHESAMETIME
No ban in Bahrain concerning barbers – HAIR
Points finger at current clubs taking drugs – ACCUSER
Put away butcher’s topside – DEPOSIT
Put the finishing touches to college with wonder ingredient – CROWNED
Ran away from warden to take the plunge – WED
Ropey types taking eye off key notes – KNOTS
Roughly associated with presumably what you’d get at the 19th hole – AROUND
Scots not taken in by Celtic Cross in Ring – CIRCLE
Sets my mobile to the network – SYSTEM
Sing arrangement from The Omen – SIGN
Soldier on, dismissing lies of supporter – DONOR
They’re part of the plot and revolution to address society – TURNIPS
Too darn ugly for The Tempest – TORNADO


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