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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Saturday November 26 2016.
A quick cut of upsetting clips – SNIP
Artist retires with grim fervour – ARDOUR

Branch discovered in disharmony – ARM
By the way, how do you follow that – it’s not even on a map? – ROADTONOWHERE
Cleaning windows is awkward for old patient type – ODDJOB
Coincide with old father coming back for revolution – OVERLAP
Don’t keep reminding yourself of the foreign bird finishing with 24 down – LETITGO
Exploit play of words about uplifting place by ocean – PUTUPON
Fraud on poor reduced by one of those cleaning up The Fringe, etc. – SHAMPOO
Get across without cargo or collections – SETS
Get over queen’s consort losing stones – CONQUER
Insolvency over direction leads to quarrel – RUNIN
It’s a measure of what’s discovered in Martin Chuzzlewit – INCH
Line of work for half of those in 19 across – JOB
Losers don’t have this drive in tour de force perhaps – ROADTOSUCCESS
Lost money over confrontation – CLASH
Major artery for detective getting type of bypass – ROADDIVERSION
Murphy is uncovered in plot? – SPUD

Night light eats current – it’s supposed to be a fashionable device – MODCON
Party lines in The House can be childish – DOLL
Rascal from a city in America has a herd mentality – IMPALA
Recruit lines out for first team – ENLIST
Routine for a fair amount of February works for a risky business – ACTUARY
Sounds like something someone would say to machinist in sweat shop? Agreed! – JUSTSO
Sparkler unearthed in excavations – CAVA
Staff in magician’s bar – WAND
Survive in Provence where retrograde salt is the end product – OUTLAST
Taped leaving Budapest coming from terminus – BUS
Test the gear for Don – TRYON
Test try? – HAVEAGO
The foreign quarter is mostly rough in retrospect with a sense of apathy – LANGUOR
The kernel of an oily business is chasing crooks registered by middleman – COPRA
Those doing a bit of dealing lose head with those working in the house – USHERS
To do the job in radioactive cloud – ACT
Two parties – one of them dead to the world – DODO
Way ahead of time, organised games for one in 20 down – ROADTRANSPORT
Went too far with research and development in video nasty – OVERDID
William Orange first demonstrated it with great gusto – BILLYO


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