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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Thursday December 01, 2016.
Bar on the weekend stores what’s given to cashier – BANKDEPOSITS
Car instalment in The Paper – TISSUE

College near Axis says beer is heavier than all the rest – CHUBBIER
Comes face-to-face for last teachers’ strikes – BUMPSINTO
Crazy engineer from a place in Kildare, after one poor result, cleaned-up – MADEAKILLING
Cringe over a runner last at midway, on track to take first prize – WINARACE
Don’t make a big fuss about miserable production – DOWNPLAY
Greet Sam Cook’s A Charge is Gonna Come – if this has been read properly – GASMETER
Had another look at grenadier spitting out gin – REREAD
Heads and middle of skipjack tunas and tail of hake in fish stew – CHIEFS
Her companion creates hysteria describing European country – HISPANIC
Knock back drink around island – so long as it addresses 24 across – ADIOS
Lounge has fashionable job for those talking orders – it will require one to be patient before onslaught begins – LIEINWAIT
Mark or Nick? – NOTCH
Nutty oil producer provides money for point-to-point – CASHEW
Object to fashionable cross on square – INTENT

Part of the body working on the ground is in overall charge of the seed money – HEADGARDENER
Posted off to headquarters – DEPOTS
Pressure on Polish strike in old call centre – PHONEBOX
Recreates without care for Holly and Hazel – TREES
Ruins scotch served at the top bar from the centre of Campbeltown – WRECKAGE
Set up to start trouble for a short war in North America – OTTAWA
The banks are giving out to literary type – listen, as one likes to take more interest – LOANSHARK
The media group force others to do the fighting – PRESSGANG
They are for those putting out something with hats made for those in school – ASHTRAYS
Told to get a bucket of steam from a sucker with small job (1,4’1,6) – AFOOLSERRAND
Travels everywhere return on one day with dancer’s boss – SANTA
Unemotional type describes those in 3 down – WOODEN


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