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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Thursday November 17 2016.
Brief project performed for opera in Eastern Europe – BULGARIA
Charlie beaten for speed by a small margin – CLOSERUN

Cider drunk on holiday – was that someone’s shout? – CRIEDOUT
Computer accessories available on both side of mini-conference – MICE
Declares nothing with authority – SAYSO
Don’t punish defence – EXCUSE
English on Russian plane get handout going from country to country – EMIGRANT
Free Roman’s demand for liberation – RANSOM
Head barman gets ambulance chaser in New York to contact Universal – ATTORNEYGENERAL
Irish men married to the job – FIRM
Is this bound to take off when all is revealed? – NUDISM
It feels like a sore issue to rewrite our clues – ULCEROUS
It’s a measure of the material produced by one of those dismissing the truth – DENIER
It’s a routine job for line manager dropping range – MENIAL
Knife job over coward freaking out – WOODCARVER
Master golf at old city university – GURU
Moving back and forth, doing the rounds can be a pest – MOTH

Part of the studio is needed for 10 across in a manner of speaking – SOUNDSTAGE
Picture capital’s falling internal labour market – FILM
Portuguese neighbour in Paris and Knock – SPANIARD
Problems taking top character from papers – ISSUES
Show nothing of musical composition – CONCERTO
Show off present – it’s easy on the eye – PRETTINESS
Spends a lot of time looking into space for nightwatchman – ASTRONOMER
Starts a class action with support coming back from old French colony – ACADIA
Take head off group in Belgium registered to one making rounds presumably – BREWER
The rugby occasion opens for consumers covering both legs – TROUSERS
Whipped up crazy energy – MADE


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