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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Thursday November 24 2016.
A caddy on first tee gets to hit middle of hole to begin with in Rome – ABINITIO
A practical joke produced by early riser for a song – LARK

Adapts dreadful mad satires – DRAMATISES
Celebrate 10 across with most of them from 25 across – MARKTHEOCCASION
Certified accountant sides with copper – CENT
Detective’s union leads to conflict – DISHARMONY
Drop pressure from spring – PLUNGE
Eliminate acidic finish from cheap local drink – it leads to a commotion – HOOHA
Evidence of old capital – MARK
Firm backs new casino opening event – OCCASION
It’s distasteful to offend Oxford College – FOUL
Landscapes around vast complex including one school – VISTAS
Makes a great fuss of brother where French have a couple of laughs – BROUHAHA
Most of the fete is supporting church service – AIRFORCE
Mysterious legal eagle gets to open with charge – ALLEGE
Nasty side to Rome? It comes as a warning! – IDES
Orientals absent from San Sebastian – ASIANS

Paint a picture of date with English writer – DESCRIBE
People in general take to the floor reading from The Siege of Ennis – FOLKDANCER
Relative starts athletics training with a series of movements – SONATA
Ruth’s leaving Turkish bath for devotional worship – BHAKTI
Sensed the beginnings for extra low tide – FELT
Sounds like a club for a small snack – SANDWICH
Sporting organisation upset over Department taking head off Rio for slow direction – ADAGIO
That man on official land fences one hedge – HESITATE
They hide what’s really happening from mugs boxing – it’s no longer on – COVERUPS
Three weekends in a row they say they won’t tolerate black ties – KUKLUXKLAN
Where to cook food in the forest for getting best out of vegetables – POTASH


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