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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 15 2016.
A NATO hub out of place and in the way of the Germans – AUTOBAHN
American duck soup discovered in insane asylum – EASY

Artist leaves Christmas trees tied up in the plots – SCHEMERS
Borrowed nothing for new charter – ONLOAN
Close pal of Swift villain overshadows writing – FASTFRIEND
Cod women slyly with feeling of disappointment – COMEDOWN
Cork’s rising locality? – TOPS
Cycle to address in Berlin in the end? Why Ash, it bears fruit! – CHERRYTREE
Earl is lost in the Middle East – ISRAEL
Everyone from island goes half the distance to party – ALLIANCE
Foreign politician admits row on the radio is used to introduce a book – PROEM
Girl found in bar with Illinois neighbour – INDIANAN
I’ve left again over source for wool – ANGORA
Is able to repeat performance in Paris – CANCAN
Master upset by public-school mothers – MATERS
New rituals getting married is more to do with helping others than helping me – ALTRUISM
Old masters dreamt without deprivation – LOSS
Place to holiday before Day of Judgement – only go if all else fails – LASTRESORT

Probe for working nine optics – INSPECTION
Pull teacher’s story and bear this in mind when you’re working it out – TAKEINTOACCOUNT
Ray welcomes a foreign whisky – when you see this, you just know something is going to take-off – RUNWAY
Rough exterior on the outskirts of Ringsend hinterland – RIND
Spare man kicked? Hard cheese! – PARMESAN
Stylish director loses head with overbearing arrogance – AUTEUR
Supporters meeting about a head of state in Russia – CAUCASUS
Takes steps to discover what’s in abstract syntax – ACTS
Turns up, Bill from Trim is a beastly type from down under – WOMBAT
What barman has by first post is a cut from butchers – RUMP


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