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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 22 2016.
At Versailles, dialogue produced a meeting between French heads – TETEATETE
Backs agent to runner and doctor – TAMPER

Block from stone wall – OBSTRUCT
Boy isn’t part of baby boom – the nuclear family find it extremely explosive – ABOMB
Brush off a type of hydrangea – SHRUB
Buyer of mostly unblended whiskey after the beer – PURCHASER
Chuck, after sounding great, blew off local contempt – RASPBERRY
Concealing fraudulent enterprise outside? Academy is calling for silence! – STASHING
Cork bananas – for starters, how crazy is that? – MADCAP
Cure is useless for the travellers – CRUISE
Farm plot revealed by one of those in the station – PLATFORM
Get rid of shirt and shortened suit – TOPPLE
Going all the way back, first-class cannabis gets you to the perfect place – UTOPIA
Group of rates not part of horse trade – HORDE
Lewd type of Turin rep revealed – PRURIENT
Lie in wait for relative returning with something similar to 3 down – AMBUSH
Light-footed barman loses head in row? – AGILE

Made the wig for one of The Stones, for example – WEIGHT
Mug loud fashionable gangster? Two can play at that game but the winner takes everything! – CUPFINAL
Nationalistic winter convention for those hunted in major sports event – OLYMPICGAMES
Offer water at the bar for those looking to keep things straight – PLUMBLINE
Public relations gatherings in bars – PREVENTS
Ripped up most of the column by man offering a red rag to a bull – TORERO
Sensitive spy is no soft touch in the plot – PRICKLYPLANT
They entertain Middle Easterners with something ahead of formal dinner, and yes, they have a ball – BELLYDANCERS
Turns up, Etna has space for the waiters perhaps – ANTEROOM
Well-known escort discovered working for those holding the reins of power – PUBLICSECTOR
What Robin is looking through for new bride? Yes! (4’1,3) – BIRDSEYE


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