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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 29 2016.
A star perhaps tends to lead one on – GUIDINGLIGHT
Bar on large island provides shelter for what the mouthpiece did – PUBLISHED

Church official keeps horse on Irish domain briefly, but, of course, The Greens make a meal of it – VEGGIEBURGER
Diagnose disorder on west coast of America – SANDIEGO
End VAT problem before Christmas – ADVENT
Former partner is crafty raising bonus – EXTRA
Germinate heads on great early tulips on the cheap – BUDGET
Home Rule for one of those in The Liberties? – INDEPENDENCE
Include autodidact, originally a man of many parts – ACTOR
It’s not natural to play it back for Charlie – DRAMATIC
Leading trainer with Clash is the European knocking The Stones into shape – TROWEL
Meal doesn’t start near nice central part of the capital – INNERCITY
Mental capacity for the inside story – INTELLIGENCE
Nervous times for the partners – ITEMS
No late shift in temporary shelter – LEANTO
Organisation convinced it’s not sure – UNCERTAIN
Papers review small plot in communique – DISPATCH

Part of the ticket delivered by difficult person – STUBBORN
Prepares crafty types in court and in prison – DOCKYARD
Put it in again with fancy terrines – REINSERT
Sincere Polish saint – HONEST
Take away topsoil for the golfers – ROUND
Temporarily stopped relative getting exploited – PAUSED
Terribly vain skinhead from dive loses head encroaching on the area of others – INVASIVE
The wrong cut is trimmed in one type of restaurant – ETHNIC
Tie with a scarf? Sounds like something you’d hear in dressmaking class! – DRAWAVEIL
University near Longford guarded by Marsh’s animals – BULLDOGS
Useless loud youth centre with very little floor space – FUTILE

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  • germinate heads on great early tulips on the cheap


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