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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 16 2016.
9 across and most of 25 across involves plenty of drink – ALLNIGHTSESSION
Bar takes in wasabi from central Spain with local nuts – INSANE

Become more exciting in revolutionary place after surprise – HOTUP
Broke arm in bar – this will be needed to press charges – RAMROD
Choir in USA relaxing in comfortable pad – AIRCUSHION
Describes the next generation of babies to Jew on the radio – EXPECTED
Everyone in 8 across clip of From Dusk Till Dawn – ALLNIGHT
Funny response to butcher losing head – LAUGHTER
Heard leaving Turk’s Head, as is a bit long in the tooth – TUSK
It’s a slight complication for Belgians releasing bile – SNAG
Local court requires additional copyright for one of The Flowers – BUTTERUP
Make references here and there and post article to return address – PASSIM
Moss isn’t in mug shots of criminal – THUG
Open-minded footballers meet resistance – FAIR
Opens 14 down with night flyers consuming heroin in warm, wet surroundings – HOTBATHS
Probe discovered in private study – TEST
Safeguarding against tip-off from the border – EDGING
Seafood Ponzi scheme is followed by detective – SCAMPI

Show off to offend large relative – FLAUNT
Sounds childish leaving station to say chew things over a couple of times – CHOOCHOO
Spells for conference pears ultimately – SESSIONS
Starts twenty-one gun salute for local divers – TOGS
Strange things seen during periods of darkness – NIGHTS
Sun follower gets nothing from article on sheet music review of single? God! – MONOTHEISM
Take fuse away from unspecific place for a barbecue – PICNIC
Taking flight with Earl and Carol over Cork – ESCAPING
Terrible pitch overshadows one of two games – relative remains cool, calm and collected – PHLEGMATIC
Type of note from the hoi polloi offering services with a touch of ceremony – HIGHMASSES


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