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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 23 2016.
Censor review of surfer’s concern – EDIT
Come to terms with short answer in dissertation – TRANSACT

Describes daddy’s behaviour on golf course going mental losing head – PARENTAL
Disc jockey conceals ecstasy upsetting Virginia University and it might have happened before – DEJAVU
Enthusiastic community holds party for one of Keane’s plays – EFFUSIVE
Fail to see what belongs to us at institute in America – MISSOURI
Fiddle French wine on the outskirts of old Irish domain – VIOLIN
Followed workers tip-off – it’s what the litigant did – ENSUED
Get rid of in Lyon where road ends – OUST
Great young men sheltering nest? It does something to the heart! – GLADDENS
In my opinion, it’s me giving someone else the eye? – ASISEEIT
In spite of that, the French resistance is saying he did it – BUTLER
It’s key to getting in to fish quarter – ACCESSCODE
Keeps to himself most of the present from overseas university – HERMIT
Local disappointment for amateur on strike where one might find enamel (1,4,2,3,5) – AKICKINTHETEETH
Makes a mistake working in court reporting to last boss – BLUNDERS
Old section in the paper relates to the time of one’s life of late – OBIT
Plant unearthed in decor, nevertheless – CORN

Predatory birds and elks rest all over the place – KESTRELS
Put together local surprise on weekend – COOK
Red fruit is first class on island in America – HAWAII
Sharp type of banks for tank support – TART
Shy elf produces stout – FLESHY
The apple of one’s eye? It means little to the French! – PETIT
They make a dog’s dinner of things in the kitchen perhaps for those working in the computer industry – PROCESSORS
Wade – the theologian in old part of Ireland – PADDLE
Work out worker’s time in colony – SETTLEMENT
Would you believe it – in London, they were thrown out of the garden – ADAMANDEVE


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