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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword puzzles Wednesday-November 30 2016.
1 across is getting off endlessly with most of 9 across – how can that be sour grapes? – BOTTLEOFVINEGAR
Accepted no threat in article of faith – OFFICIAL

Assimilated diets without something from deli – SALAMI
Barman provides tips for real estate agent and politician making ale and plenty of it – AGREATDEAL
Before noon in a Mediterranean island, go for a speciality repast – CREAMTEA
Collects linseeds during period between jobs – IDLENESS
Don’t lose energy – if it’s not protected it could end up like most of 9 across – WINE
Game time in Clare – TENNIS
Get used to going into a building conversion – ADAPTATION
Goes around every so often in uniform – EVEN
If it looks like a man and walks like a man, what is it? – ANTHROPOID
Is this why the phone isn’t working for the journalist? – DEADLINE
It wasn’t right to organise U-turn last time – UNTRUE
Kildare supporter starts meeting gorgeous girl briefly in Turkish restaurant – DONERKEBAB
Mood usually found in 8 across – SPIRIT
One van fixed just shy of 10 days? That’s some devotion! – NOVENA
Papers can tell you a lot about yourself – IDENTITY

Put on the back burner and give someone dinner – WAIT
Read between lines – ref in trouble – INFER
Record is behind schedule? Those getting into The Cars for the first time will need it! – LPLATE
Rising late with others in old Rome – ETAL
Serving a drunk in the chip shop – VINEGARS
Switch from a new party to another party – that’s how some unions work – ONANDOFF
Temperature reflects most of Gary, Indiana – to begin with, it’s cold and dreadful – TRAGIC
The nerve of local bank – BOTTLE
Tips for Irish St Leger expected to land one of those in deep water perhaps – ISLE
Treaty at the end of 6 down – DEAL
Turns up made tracks with artist, tenor or one of those doing voice-over – NARRATOR


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