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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Friday-December 2 2016.
A decisive battle here in 1066 – HASTINGS
A person’s awareness of their own identity – SELF
Able to make up one’s mind quickly and with firmness – DECISIVE

Alleviate, appease – ASSUAGE
Atoll and skimpy swimsuit – BIKINI
Behaving in a certain way – ACTING
Booklet, pamphlet – LEAFLET
Brisk and lively tempo – ALLEGRO
Disappear suddenly – VANISH
Fencing sword – EPEE
Filled with wonder – OVERAWED
Gross value of sales – TURNOVER
Hades, the netherworld – HELL
Impartial – UNBIASED
Making an effort – TRYING
McGinley or Harrington, say – GOLFER
Models do it for photographic or artistic purposes – POSE
Models of people made to be destroyed or damaged – EFFIGIES

Older or higher in rank – SENIOR
One is held without trial – INTERNEE
Praiseworthy, commendable – LAUDABLE
Pretend to be ill to avoid work – MALINGER
Rough, bumpy – UNEVEN
Set upon – ATTACK
Small ball of glass used in games – MARBLE
Small cucumbers, usually pickled – GHERKINS
Talk socially without exchanging too much information – NATTER
The wearing away by weather – EROSION
They have served in the armed forces – VETERANS
Tool with jaws for gripping – PLIERS
Widely known – FAMOUS
Witch’s cat – FAMILIAR


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