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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Friday November 18 2016.
Abound, swarm with – TEEM
Aimlessly wandering from place to place – DRIFTING

Ancient weapon to fire boulders – CATAPULT
Assigned to an unsuitable role – MISCAST
Concerning the people as a whole – PUBLIC
Concluding, final – TERMINAL
Cut lines into with acid – ETCH
Dental cavities – CARIES
Developing into – BECOMING
Entreated, begged – IMPLORED
Formal account of a matter – REPORT
Goading or provoking – NEEDLING
Having a common cultural tradition – ETHNIC
Impute, assign – ASCRIBE
In the middle of – AMIDST
It’s used to wrap around boilers, say, to prevent heat-loss – LAGGING
Jane Austen novel – EMMA
Joined as one – UNITED
Material to stabilise a ship – BALLAST

Mislaying – LOSING
Mollusc with tightly-closed shell – CLAM
Noisy, excited and confused commotion – BROUHAHA
Ordinary, standard – NORMAL
Overhead surfaces – CEILINGS
Parts of a flower – PETALS
Relating to the cultivation of land – AGRARIAN
Resist or fight against – OPPOSE
Take weapons away from – DISARM
Trustworthy, dependable – RELIABLE
Turns from a straight course – DEFLECTS
Umpires – REFEREES
Unjust, inequitable – UNFAIR


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