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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Friday November 25 2016.
Ask Santa’s helper for a few bob? That’s a job for someone staying on feet and stepping on toes! – TAPDANCER
Blood type from most of the blood is blood type from old Greek market – AGORA

Capital spies trying to get rid of The House – ESTATEAGENTS
Charging accountant for arithmetic could be pushing the limits on the circuit – RACINGCAR
Chill out to take temperature down – COOLIT
Chop up trees in organic compound – ESTER
Copper with record admits most of the urge is investigating other coppers presumably – METALLURGIST
Course at school for the swimmers to stick to – LANES
Discount rate doesn’t include rustic present – DONATE
Don’t reject writer finding piece of information – it’s why the judge said it was admissible – ACCEPTEDFACT
Finished with siesta? That really put one’s mind at rest! – OVERSLEEP
Highlights in show live from Versailles – LASERS
Is just terrible at following novice driver – LAWFUL
It’s fashionable for Henry English to test breathing apparatus – INHALE
It’s not right or wrong? – IMPROPER
It’s obvious to relative providing temporary accommodation – PATENT

Lake Ontario lacks a lone group of financiers – TROIKA
No grace in horse racing for the beastly types – RHINOS
Not ignorant of elite art movement – LITERATE
Prised from third person in One Direction – NORTH
Removal of joint-EEC arrangement – EJECTION
Sack one of those taking the food out of the circus – FIREEATER
Siberian criminal living on Spain border – IBERIANS
Stolen asset distributed for those making the decisions – HOTSEATS
Take a picture of Trim trailer – FILMCLIP
They’re synonymous with Blade Runner, as they can give those on edge the slip – ICERINKS
Write to department of employment presumably to request support at initial posting – APPLYFORAJOB
Yellow flower from Tahiti, for one – DAFFODIL


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