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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Monday November 21 2016.
Appearance, facet – ASPECT
Authors’ pseudonyms – PENNAMES

Awfully, frightfully – TERRIBLY
Baby’s bed – CRADLE
Consider or look at – REGARD
Dramatic works set to music – OPERAS
Enormous, mammoth – GIGANTIC
Enter by force to conquer – INVADE
Funfair – CARNIVAL
In good health – WELL
In this, you have a positive bank balance – CREDIT
Inland body of water – LAKE
Internal organs of animals – ENTRAILS
Involving many – MULTIPLE
It flows from Turkey to the Persian Gulf – TIGRIS

Kitchen implements – UTENSILS
Long and difficult trip – TREK
Long narrow carpet – RUNNER
Not going straight to the point – INDIRECT
Old and valuable item – ANTIQUE
One is not a member of the police or armed forces – CIVILIAN
Part of a broadcast serial – EPISODE
Piece of furniture for displaying small ornaments – ETAGERE
Protect against attack – DEFEND
Refuges, sanctuaries – ASYLUMS
Refuse to acknowledge – IGNORE
Restore to good condition – REPAIR
Said something for someone to record – DICTATED
Seldom – RARELY
Shaped as a ring – CIRCULAR
Warmheartedness, consideration – KINDNESS
Water pitcher – EWER


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