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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Monday November 28 2016.
Accepted as true – BELIEVED
An order to attend court – SUBPOENA
Areas that are not mountainous, in Scotland, say – LOWLANDS

Band around the neck – COLLAR
Belonging to them – THEIRS
Casino card-game – BACCARAT
Comprise – CONSIST
Container or court proceeding – CASE
Copies, simulates – IMITATES
Debate or dispute – ARGUMENT
Did what one was told – OBEYED
Grade, step or award – DEGREE
Hole, opening – APERTURE
Imperial land measurement – ACRE
Laying out time or money – SPENDING
Nethermost – LOWEST
Numbers of people or things classed together – GROUPS
One fruit sounds like two – PEAR
One has exceptional musical skill – VIRTUOSO

Out of fashion, as ancient headgear – OLDHAT
Perceiving – SEEING
Power or skill to do – ABILITY
Production, yield – OUTPUT
Regrettably, unfortunately – ALAS
Rubber for removing marks – ERASER
Slight skin abrasion – SCRAPE
String of words – SENTENCE
Stronghold for shelter during a battle – CITADEL
Symbols of disgrace or infamy – STIGMAS
Thoughtless, inattentive – CARELESS
Toward the back of a boat – ASTERN
Visual representations, in printed matter perhaps – GRAPHICS


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