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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Saturday November 19 2016.
A native N. American people – APACHE
Accumulated knowledge or enlightenment – WISDOM

Articles or units – ITEMS
Assorted, miscellaneous – SUNDRY
Bird of town and wood – PIGEON
Clear and separate from others – DISTINCT
Definite, sure – POSITIVE
English country pub – INN
Fabric used in tight-fitting cycling wear – LYCRA
Figurative use of a word, metaphor – TROPE
First note in tonic sol-fa – DOH
Foolishness, silliness – NONSENSE
Hang back, waste time – DAWDLE
I care about Heather, oddly – ERICA
Imperial weight – TON
In accordance with the latest fad – TRENDY
Lacking in energy or vitality – LETHARGIC
Large, crow-like birds – ROOKS
Lie close and snug, affectionately – CUDDLE
Man-made object, of archaeological interest, say – ARTEFACT

Measure against a standard – GAUGE
Movable partition – SCREEN
Nimble, spry – AGILE
Not harmed or hurt in any way – UNSCATHED
Ponder, think deeply – COGITATE
Put a plan into effect – EXECUTED
Re-chewed food of a ruminant – CUD
Right or means of entry – ACCESS
Set fire to – IGNITE
Short satirical pieces of drama – SKITS
Short sleeveless undergarment – CAMISOLE
Southern United State on the Gulf of Mexico – LOUISIANA
Store of historical objects – MUSEUM
Without revealing one’s identity – INCOGNITO
Woodland deities who attended Bacchus – SATYRS
Young hares – LEVERETS


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