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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Saturday November 26 2016.
Absence of difficulty – EASE
Adorn, embellish – DECORATE

Alter or falsify, evidence perhaps – TAMPER
Barriers to keep in or out – FENCES
Become aware of something – REALISE
Body organs that release secretions – GLANDS
Carved or cast figure – STATUE
Confused state unable to think clearly – DAZE
Defence of being elsewhere at the time of a crime – ALIBI
Deprive of food – STARVE
Distrust, have doubts about – SUSPECT
Extent from side to side – BREADTH
Flat floating platforms – RAFTS
Frozen pendant – ICICLE
Group of suburban houses – ESTATE
Have in mind to do – INTEND
He’s remembered for his laboratory burner – BUNSEN
Heedless, unthinking – CARELESS
Helping, aiding – ASSISTING
Imprison the young doctor without trial – INTERN
In addition – ASWELL
Located below – NETHER
Looked suggestively – LEERED
Marks resembling the wounds of Christ – STIGMATA
Micro-organisms that can cause disease – BACTERIA

No longer in service – DISUSED
Not active or at work – IDLE
Old gold coins – DUCATS
Severe criticism – STRICTURE
Spoke in soft hushed tones – WHISPERED
Sweet edible fruits of a palm – DATES
Takes a seat – SITS
The force of a push – THRUST
Tracks, paths – TRAILS
Transparent, easy to see through – CLEAR
Walkway by the sea – ESPLANADE


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