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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Thursday December 01, 2016.
An excessive and dangerous amount of a drug – OVERDOSE
An old tyre with new threads – Remould

Baby’s soft shoe – BOOTEE
Cooks in vapour – STEAMS
Degrade, put down – DEMEAN
Disclose, make known – REVEAL
Drink made with pureed fruit – SMOOTHIE
Explosive hidden underground – LANDMINE
Extreme sacrament for the dying – UNCTION
Hole for a shoelace – EYELET
Infrequently – SELDOM
Inhaled and exhaled – BREATHED
Keep under control – RESTRAIN
Let Norma go out to Canada – MONTREAL
Levy, inflict – IMPOSE
Liken his strange city to one in Finland – HELSINKI

Loathe, abhor – DETEST
London river – THAMES
Menace, intimidate – THREATEN
Mollusc with an oval shell lined with bluish mother-of-pearl – ABALONE
Musty, rotten – MOULDY
One from the States – AMERICAN
One of a kind – UNIQUE
Plantations of fruit trees – ORCHARDS
Prefix for half or part – DEMI
Reserve to draw upon when needed – RESOURCE
Small circular movement of water – EDDY
Supernatural messengers – ANGELS
The source of an artist’s inspiration – MUSE
They express assent – AYES
Unpredictable, temperamental – ERRATIC
Without curve or bend – STRAIGHT


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