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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Thursday November 17 2016.
Animal’s fast pace – GALLOP
Aquatic organism such as plankton – ALGA
Association of sports teams – LEAGUE

Capacity for rational thought – REASON
Construction workers – BUILDERS
Container for magnetic tape – CASSETTE
Damaged, marred – IMPAIRED
Evaluated – ASSESSED
Express discontent – COMPLAIN
Glass or plastic container – BOTTLE
Govern with cruelty and injustice – OPPRESS
Having sharp edges or corners – ANGULAR

Long narrow cut or depression – GROOVE
Member of the family – RELATION
Models of excellence – IDEALS
Mushy ice drink to cleanse the palate – SORBET
On a floor above – UPSTAIRS
Personal magnetism – CHARISMA
Sanctuary, asylum – REFUGE
School session – TERM
Set of steps – LADDERS
Smokey fog – SMOG
Stand firm against – RESIST
Standing in society – STATUS
Test, in short – EXAM
They last a very short time – EPHEMERA
Thicknesses on top of one another – LAYERS
Throws back an image – REFLECTS
Tiny piece – PARTICLE
Tough, transparent, lightweight plastic – PERSPEX


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