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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Thursday November 24 2016.
A soft gentle breeze – ZEPHYR
Accused formally of a crime – INDICTED

Action and legal document – DEED
Alphabet of Slavic languages – CYRILLIC
Blood anticoagulant – WARFARIN
Cap for the tip of a walking-stick – FERRULE
Conclude, wind up – FINISH
Extinct reptilian animals – DINOSAUR
Fight against odds – STRUGGLE
Film theatre – CINEMA
Furthermore – MOREOVER
German physicist in the mad nineties – EINSTEIN
Imaginary line around the Earth – PARALLEL
Islands in the Atlantic – AZORES
It entitles the bearer to enter – TICKET
Largest snake – ANACONDA
Melted cheese with ale on toast – RAREBIT
New sproutings – SHOOTS
Old Celtic language – ERSE
Periods after sunset – NIGHTS
Second of two – LATTER
Sign of a learner – LPLATE

Small circular movement of water – EDDY
The policy of taking land out of production to reduce crop surpluses – SETASIDE
The quality that makes something what it is – ESSENCE
They express assent – AYES
Thick solid pieces of something – CHUNKS
Tool for lifting – SHOVEL
Trespass, infringe – ENCROACH
Try to deal with fishing gear – TACKLE
Went about stealthily, in search of prey perhaps – PROWLED
Wind coming from Britain, say – EASTERLY

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