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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 15 2016.
A soup served cold – GAZPACHO
A stick to lean on – CANE

Alleviate, appease – ASSUAGE
Change direction abruptly – SWERVE
Deliver from harm – RESCUE
Distress, wretchedness – MISERY
Drawing blood with suckers, as in the old days – LEECHING
Eastern market-place – BAZAAR
French pancakes – CREPES
Graduates of a college – ALUMNI
Heats and then slowly cools to temper – ANNEALS
Large cask for alcohol – HOGSHEAD
Legal proceeding – ACTION
Liquid in vapour or spray form – MOISTURE
Loss of hair – ALOPECIA
Made a gurgling sound, while drinking wine perhaps – GLUGGED

Maple tree – ACER
Migratory birds – SWALLOWS
One’s work life – CAREER
Porch around a building – VERANDA
Reply or solution – ANSWER
Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins, say – WELSHMEN
Self-righteous Biblical person – PHARISEE
Seventh planet from the sun – URANUS
Small mouse-like animals – SHREWS
Stick for drawing – CRAYON
The whole of everything – UNIVERSE
Units of work or energy – ERGS
US headquarters for space exploration – NASA
Very large mammal – ELEPHANT
Willing to give unselfishly – GENEROUS
Worked hard or with difficulty – LABOURED


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