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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 22 2016.
Abided by, rules say – OBSERVED
Absence of beauty – UGLINESS

Apprehension about what will happen – SUSPENSE
Buttoned, tied – FASTENED
Container or court proceeding – CASE
Foretells or forecasts – PREDICTS
Gains knowledge or skill – LEARNS
Hungarian stew – GOULASH
Identifying characteristics – TRAITS
It’s used to drive rabbits from their holes – FERRET
Mexican monetary unit – PESO
Most pleasant – NICEST
Observe, become aware of – NOTICE
Old reform school for youths – BORSTAL
Organised opposition to authority – UPRISING
Person rejected by society – PARIAH
Plants such as cabbage and brussels sprouts – BRASSICA
Principles on which practices are based – THEORIES
Profit earned on money – RETURN
Protective garments – APRONS
Puffed up with vanity – POMPOUS

Seem, look – APPEAR
Sink, settle – SUBSIDE
Straightforward, not elaborate – SIMPLE
Strong black coffee – ESPRESSO
Suddenly alarmed – STARTLED
Thankful – GRATEFUL
The condition of being free from danger – SAFETY
Unfortunately – ALAS
Up to this point – HITHERTO
Very eager or curious – AGOG
Zodiac twins – GEMINI


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