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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Tuesday November 29 2016.
Alleviation, easing – RELIEF
Answer to a problem – SOLUTION

Calibrating a musical instrument – TUNING
Cautions, reservations – CAVEATS
Disease-bearing insect – MOSQUITO
Disinfect using smoke – FUMIGATE
Dogs of mixed breed – MONGRELS
Elephant’s dentine – TUSK
Every sixty minutes – HOURLY
Fail to win – LOSE
False statement – UNTRUTH
Farm tool and star formation – PLOUGH
Fish in the lees – EELS
Functional, handy – USEFUL
Group of words – PHRASE
If nothing else – ATLEAST
Imminent in a menacing way – LOOMING
Justification or motive – REASON
Leading to death, fatal – TERMINAL

Makes something clear – EXPLAINS
Musical state – OKLAHOMA
Onlooker, spectator – OBSERVER
Ornamental water-jet – FOUNTAIN
Outcome, upshot – RESULT
Pack them up in your old kit bag and smile – TROUBLES
Palindromic German name – OTTO
Pulpy fruit eaten as vegetables – TOMATOES
Request the presence of – INVITE
Strange to say, a cola mug might cause an eye disease – GLAUCOMA
Suitable or appropriate – PROPER
The Aloha State – HAWAII
They’re unsuccessful – LOSERS


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