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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Wednesday January 11 2017.
Arch of the foot – INSTEP
Areas for parking aircraft – APRONS

Arrivals or departures building – TERMINAL
Badges of office – INSIGNIA
Became a member – ENROLLED
Books of psalms – PSALTERS
Brings to a destination – DELIVERS
Capital of Taiwan – TAIPEI
Claim, suggest – ALLEGE
Confidential assistant – AIDE
Device for private listening – EARPHONE
Division of geological time – AEON
Egyptian goddess of fertility – ISIS
Electrically charged particles – IONS
Feeling remorse and guilt – ASHAMED
Fork of a main stem – BRANCH

Latin cat found in the ocean – ATLANTIC
Left out – OMITTED
Looked covertly – PEEPED
Lowest part – BOTTOM
Mariner – SAILOR
Mental or emotional pain – DISTRESS
Not fit to eat – INEDIBLE
Patient acceptance of suffering and misfortune – STOICISM
Relating to sight – OPTICAL
Smoothed with heat – IRONED
Supremely courageous – HEROIC
Surface for projection of pictures – SCREEN
Travel authorisation – PASSPORT
War-torn city of Syria – ALEPPO
Young ladies, in distress perhaps – DAMSELS

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