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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Wednesday November 23 2016.
Angle of less than 90 degrees – ACUTE
Articulate – UTTER

Backs of feet – HEELS
Came to an end – CEASED
Concur – AGREE
Consequence, outcome – EFFECT
Constituent ingredients – ELEMENTS
Contaminates water or air – POLLUTES
Cook in an oven – ROAST
Country dwelling – FARMHOUSE
Dispute the honesty of – IMPUGN
Distinctive smell – ODOUR
Flightless bird – EMU
Flows, of water or electricity – CURRENTS
Governed, used one’s authority – RULED
Have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal – ASPIRE
Indoor passage – CORRIDOR
Light wind – BREEZE
Looked furtively – PEEPED
Low-growing woody plants – SHRUBS
Mischievous sprite – IMP
Normal level or standard – PAR
Outer coat of sheep – FLEECE

Pulchritudinous, gorgeous – BEAUTIFUL
Quit a job – RESIGN
Say or do again – REPEAT
Set free, discharged – RELEASED
Small particular part – DETAIL
Stadium seats – STANDS
Stored-up wealth – TREASURE
Substitutes for – REPLACES
Surface for holding objects – SHELF
Tearing into thin strips – SHREDDING
The conscious mind – EGO
Unexpected event – SURPRISE
Warranty, pledge – GUARANTEE


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