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Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Wednesday-November 30 2016.
Amuse with stories – REGALE
At that time – THEN

Authenticates or affirms to be true – ATTESTS
Below or beneath – UNDER
Choose from several – SELECT
Conceited, puffed-up – VAIN
Controller of machinery – OPERATOR
Dangers, risks – PERILS
Defect, forsake – DESERT
Deliberately take no notice – IGNORE
Divisions of a written work – CHAPTERS
Engage to work – EMPLOY
Feeling of anxiety or dread – ANGST
Full and complete – ENTIRE
Get rid of – REMOVE
Go into – ENTER
Magnifier of distant objects – TELESCOPE
Material in bullet-proof vests – KEVLAR
Mollusks with hinged shells – BIVALVES
More affluent – RICHER
Narrow steep-sided valleys – RAVINES
Own, have – POSSESS
Perceive sound – HEAR
Praised insincerely – FLATTERED
Prevented from decaying or spoiling – PRESERVED
Quick to learn – CLEVER

Rate of motion per unit of time – VELOCITY
Reflections of sound waves – ECHOES
S American mammal in the llama family – ALPACA
Set up, bring about – ESTABLISH
Shouts of approval – CHEERS
Sicilian volcano – ETNA
Stone mixture for paths – GRAVEL
Three feet in each – YARDS
Tumult, upheaval – TURMOIL
Vitality, get-up-and-go – ENERGY


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