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Here are the answers to L.A. Times Daily Crossword puzzles Thursday December 01, 2016.
“… Bug in __” – ARUG
“Blah, blah, blah,” for short – ETCETC

“Bor-r-ring” – HOHUM
“But __ got high hopes ..”: song lyric – HES
“Check” – NO BET
“Hurry!” letters – ASAP
“I used to be Snow White, but I __”: Mar West – DRIFTED
“Jeepers!” – GOSH
“Once upon a midnight dreary” poet – POE
“Ugh!” – ICK
“You there!” – PSST
“Zip it!” – SHH
Additional information? – SUM
Asset for Sherlock – LOGIC
Bay sound – NEIGH
Brutish one – OGRE
Consider – DEEM
Court promise – I DO
Crude smelting product – PIG IRON
CSA soldier – REB
Curry favor with, with “to” – KISSUP
D.C. player – ROL
Daydreamed, with “out” – ZONED
Distance runners – MILERS

Eat into – ERODE
Eclipse shadow – UMBRA
Elaborate costume parties – MASKED BALLS
Enjoy Orbit – CHEW GUM
Fast – RAPID
First name in folk – JONI
Fish with vermilion fins – OPAH
Form a coalition – UNITE
Former Mideast ruler – SHAH
Fragrances – ODORS
Golden __ – AGER
Green shade – PEA, OLIVE
Groups with a piece-keeping strategy? – CHESS CLUBS
Heat meas. – BTU
How it’s always done, initially – SOP
Hustle of shuffle – DANCE
Ill-mannered – UNCOUTH
Important period – EPOCH
In essence – MAINLY
Incredulous dying words – ETTU
Inland Asian sea – ARAL
Like angel food cake – SPONGY
Like many a stray dog – MANGY
LPGA great Lopez – NANCY
Masonry-reinforcing rod – REBAR
NASA vehicles – LEMS
Neutral tone – BEIGE
New Orleans’ __ Street – BOURBON
Nonsense talk, whose circled letter is the start of what might be done with items in the four longest puzzle answers – JIVE
One following the nus? – XIS
Pack animal – ASS
Part of the pelvis – SACRUM
Personalized collection of love songs, say – MIXCD
Pickle – FIX
Picky details – NITS
Places for seeing stars? – BOXING RINGS
Prefix with -gram – PENTA
Prosperity – WEAL
Rare blood type, briefly – ANEG
Set-for-life set – IDLERICH
Shakespearean barmaid – WENCH
Snooped (around) – NOSED
Storied loch – NESS
Stuffed shirt – SNOB
Times in ads – NITES
Tops – AONE
Toronto Argonauts’ org. – CFL
Tried to make it on one’s down – WENT SOLO
Two-checker piece – KING
Veers suddenly – ZIGS
What can help you avoid getting stuck changing diapers? – SAFETY PINS
What makes a deal ideal? – ANI


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