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Here are the answers to L.A. Times Daily Crossword puzzles Friday November 25 2016.
“Am I clear, George?”? – CAN YOU HEAR MEW
“It’s not easy to __”: Five for Fighting lyric – BE ME

“Okay, so it’s THAT dictionary”? – AH WEBSTER
“Oops!” – OH OH
“The anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life”: Shaw – ALCOHOL
“The Ten Commandments” (1956) director – DEMILLE
9, often Abbr. – SEP
AAA offering – RTE
Americans in Paris, maybe – EXPATS
At peace – IN REPOSE
Be dead serious – MEAN IT
Biology subjects – ENZYMES
Brought out – EDUCED
Cary’s love interest in “Houseboat” – SOPHIA
Cause of hurt feelings – OFFENSE
Central points – FOCI
Certain pears – BOSCS
Contest form – ENTRY
Early anethetic – ETHER
Embarrassing marks – EFS
Evil eye – HEX
Exposed – OUTED
Field beasts – OXEN
Former space sports group? – MIRLEAGUE
Gaelic tongue – ERSE
German grandpa – OPA
Govt. stipend provider – SSI
Halloween costume – GHOUL
Have something – AIL
House work? – OPERA
Incitements – STIMULI
It’s near the funny bone – ULNA
Jack Blum’s “Meatballs” character – SPAZ
Jordan River outlet – DEAD SEA
Kalanikupule’s kingdom – OAHU
Key of four Beethoven piano sonatas – E FLAT
Ligament commonly injured in football – MCL
Little Spanish range? – POCO MOUNTAINS
Loud – GAUDY
Manual – HOW TO
Manuscript mark – STET
Mexican bread – PESO
Narrowly defined verse – HAIKU
New __ – AGER

Nursery buy – LOAM
Ocean output – ROAR
Omegas, in the electrical world – OHMS
Org. that opened at Bob Barker building in 2012 – PETA
Panini cheese – ASIAGO
Prefix with physics – META
Quattro competitor – ATRA
Reaction to a 71-Across – TSK
Recycle item – SODA CAN
Roosevelt feature partially carved on Rushmore – SPECS
Sci-fi pic series – MIB
Skin Bracer maker – MENNEN
Sneeze, say – REACT
Sticky spot – HOT WATER
Stir-fry sprinkle – MSG
Sun, for one – GSTAR
Symbols of elusiveness – EELS
Taboo that hints at this puzzle’s theme – NONO
Ted, to Bobby – SIB
Temporary skin damage – WELT
The Jetsons’ dog – ASTRO
The Snake R. forms part of its eastern border – OREG
Tidy amounts – SUMS
Tilted position – CANT
Tongue problem? – SLIP
Too precious, in Portsmouth – TWEE
User’s way out – ESC
Wheaton who played Wesley on “Star Trek” T.N.G.” – WIL
Winter Olympics jump – AXEL
Women’s issue – ELLE
Wonderstruck – INAWE
Work meas. – FTLB

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