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Here are the answers to L.A. Times Daily Crossword puzzles Monday November 21 2016.
“Drove my Chevy to the __”: “American Pie” lyric – LEVEE
“For shame!” – TSK

“Incredible” superhero – HULK
“Just like that!” fingers sound – SNAP
“Knock it off!” – STOP
“No __”: Piece of cake” – PROB
“Peekaboo!” – HERE I AM
“Please, anything else!” – NOT THAT
Actor Lugosi – BELA
Ali Baba’s magic words – OPEN SESAME
Arthur of “Maude” – BEA
Baker’s amts. – TSPS
Big bamboo muncher – GIANT PANDA
Boomer’s lobbying group – AARP
Boy king – TUT
Business baron – TITAN
Chicago daily, familiarly – TRIB
Chicago mayor Emanuel – RAHM
City in upstate New York – UTICA
Congressional confidante – AIDE
Correct – RIGHT
Didn’t admit – DENIED
Dol.’s 100 – CTS
Dr.’s visit – APPT
Dreaded high school spots? – ACNE
Ella’s expertise – SCAT
Farewell that’s bid – ADIEU
Fencing weapon – EPEE
Florida city on the Gulf Coast – TAMPA
Flower usually sold by the dozen – ROSE
Frozen drink brand – ICEE
Futbol fan’c cry – OLE
Guilty, for one – PLEA
Hindu teacher – SWAMI
Historic events at Gettyburg and Vicksburg – BATTLES
Horse hair – MANE
iPhone’s voice activated app – SIRI
It’s “down at the end of Lonely Street”, in an Elvis hit – HEART BREAK HOTEL
Ivory source – TUSK
Kennel cacophony – ARFS
Keno kin – LOTTO
Liver secretion – BILE
Luv – DEAR
Malleable metal – TIN
Mentored person – PROTEGE
Miracle-Gro, e.g. – PLANT FOOD
NFL Hall of Famer Bart – STARR
Oil cartel acronym – OPEC
Oil well output, in slang – BLACK GOLD
Online marketplace – EBAY
Online service for booking rooms with local hosts – AIRBNB
Part of an Aretha Franklin refrain about fools .. And a hint to the ends of 17-, 28- and 47-Across – CHAIN CHAIN CHAIN
Post-combat affliction, briefly – PTSD

Postings in ledgers – ENTRIES
Practice boxing – SPAR
Put a limit on – CAP
Right or left, while driving – TURN
Roast, in Dijon – ROTI
Scoundrels – CADS
Sharply inclined – STEEP
Sister of Zsa Zsa – EVA
Societal woes – ILLS
Spicy Asian cuisine – THAI
Spoil – ROT
Sportscaster Berman – LEN
Sty supper – SWILL
Suffered financially – TOOK A HIT
Swiss river – AARE
Thought – IDEA
Ump’s cry before the first pitch – PLAY BALL
Upper crust – ELITE
Waitstaff rewards – TIPS
Water carrier – PIPE
Weapon in Clue – ROPE
Word with circle or tube – INNER
Ye __ Shoppe – OLDE


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