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Here are the answers to L.A. Times Daily Crossword puzzles Monday November 28 2016.
Carl Icahn or Michael Milken – CORPORATE RAIDER
“Easy as” letters – ABC

“Eek!” – YIPE
“Get lost!” – SCRAM
“Get lost!” – BEAT IT
“The Mod Squad” cop – LINC
*”Airplane!” flight number, to the control tower – TWO ZERO NINER
*Castle gate-busting weapon – BATTERING RAM
*Power source that plugs into a computer port – USB CHARGER
19th-century master of the macabre – POE
Actor Estrada – ERIK
Address for Bovary – MADAM
Against – ANTI
Andes, e.g.: Abbr – MTS
Barbecue fare – RIBS
Be complicit in, as a caper – ABET
Billy the __ – KID
Blue or black water of filmdom – LAGOON
Boats with double-bladed paddles – KAYAKS
Brainstorm – IDEA
Bulleted list entry – ITEM
Burning – A FIRE
Butterfly catchers – NETS
Calf-roping event – RODEO
Cleveland cager, for short – CAV
Egypt’s capital – CAIRO

Eight-musician group – OCTET
Environmental sci. – ECOL
Exec’s asst. – SECY
Father or son New York governor – CUOMO
Film credits list – CAST
Film on stagnant water – SCUM
Follow, as atip – ACT ON
For nothing – FREE
Forget to include – OMIT
Fred or Ethel of old TV – MERTZ
Giraffe kin – OKAPI
Going on, to Sherlock – A FOOT
Google __: geographical app – MAPS
Gratify – PLEASE
Having one flat, musically – INF
Hay bundles – BALES
Head, to Henri – TETE
Heavyset – STOCKY
Home of the player at the ends of the answers to starred clues – CALIFORNIA
Hotel room cleaner – MAID
Iroquoian people, or a hair style named for them – MOHAWK
Jotted down – NOTED
Jungian inner self – ANIMA
Lily pad squatter – FROG
Make amends (for) – ATONE
Mine, to Marcel – AMOI
Mixer with gin – TONIC
Mosque leader – IMAM
Native New Zealander – MAORI
Old Rus. State – SSR
Old studio letters – RKO
One of 100 between end zones – YARD
Pack (down) – TAMP
Physics particle – ATOM
Player referenced in 57-Across’ clue, briefly – NFLER
Plum’s title in Clue, briefly – PROF
Poet Khayyam – OMAR
Punt or field goal – KICK
Regretful sort – RUER
Roundheaded Fudd – ELMER
Ruth with bats – BABE
Smile shape – ARC
Sock hop site – GYM
Source of quick cash, briefly – ATM
Southern side dish – GRUTS
Suffix with joke or pun – STER
Texas A&M athlete – AGGIE
They may clash on a movie set – EGOS
Tiny biting insect – GNAT
TiVo predecessors – VCRS
Trailblazing Daniel – BOONE
Yucatan years – ANOS


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